Restoration & Redesign

Dear Bride,
It is always a pleasure to be able to serve you in the planning phases of your wedding. There is something special about restoration & redesign of your family heirloom to transform it into your own style.  We are always honored to serve you when your decision is to use your mother or grandmother’s gown for your very own wedding day.  Whether
Enjoy the wonderful feelings of wearing your family heirloom.  Free Consultations
Whether it is a family wedding gown or veil, or a special gown that you or someone in your family wore at one time, we can help you restore & redesign it for your special day.  You can trust that we will give your delicate gown the special care and attention that it deserves. 

Free Consultations

Make an appointment to meet with our wedding Gown Specialist about restoration & redesign your vintage apparel.  We can offer you ideas for redesiging that family heirloom to your wedding gown or a Christening gown.  You may know exactly what you want to do, or you may have no idea on how we could possibly make mom or grandma’s gown work or fit you.  We are full of ideas and would enjoy sharing in the joy of your transformation whether it be for a reception, wedding, celebration, anniversary, Christening or baptismal.

Special Care
If the gown of your dreams is a family heirloom that has yellowed or stained, call us!  We specialize in restoration & redesign of antique and vintage bridal gowns to their true color without damaging the delicate fabrics or dyes.  We remove stains and discoloration that ordinary cleaners can not.  Each gown is individually hand processed with special care given to removal of spots and stains. We can guarantee that we will not melt your beads or sequins.
 Looking for inspiration?  
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TLC Something old - Something new Restoration & Redesign
TLC Something old – Something new
                     Restoration & Redesign