Gown Pressing

Bella Sposa Bridal & Prom offeres expert Gown Pressing service.
              Bella Sposa Bridal & Prom 

When deciding on your gown pressing be sure to entrust your important garments to the proper professionals to assure that they will retain their beauty.  Most formal wear requires special processes to press or finish.  If they are not properly handled you will experience shiny fabric where it was previously ‘dull’.  Your bead work can easily be destroyed if handled improperly.  In fact: improper care can destroy your garment.

Dry cleaners that do not specialize in working with formal apparel will have expertise in every day wear clothing care, but not in the care of the vast array of delicate bridal fabrics.  Bridal salons will have expertise in formal wear clothing care.  Bella Sposa Bridal & Prom’s bridal specialist Dwin has years of education and experience working with gowns from the beginning sketches to gown pressing.  

With decades of pressing experience you can be assured that we will know exactly how to handle your garments.  Whether you purchased your gown from us or somewhere else:  you can trust that we will provide you with the best possible gown pressing.  In the event that you have the misfortune to take your gown to the wrong establishment:  you can bring your gown to us for repair analysis. We have repaired and restored hundreds of gown pressing gone wrong situations.

Bridal, social occasion and quinceanera gowns are all quite different to press.  Our professional gown pressing starts at $10.00 for a simple informal and could cost as much as $550.00 for a detailed and complex gown pressing job.  Bridesmaid, mother & prom gowns will start at $5.00 and could cost as much as $75.00 for a detailed and complex pressing job.

Did you know that pressing a gown could take 10 or more hours?  Did you know that some fabrics must be steamed and others must be pressed?  Did you know there are fabrics that a pressing cloth must be used?