Dear Bride,

It is always a pleasure to be able to serve you in the planning phases of your wedding. We would be honored to serve you after your wedding with our expert bridal cleaning & preservaton of your gown so that it may be your very own heirloom of the future. We take pride in our ability to return your gown in the finest condition possible of Bridal Cleaning & Preservation. Each gown is individually processed with special care given to removal of spots and stains. We can assure you that we will not melt your beads or sequins. As you have found your way here we trust that the dust has settled and that your new life has normalized. We know that you have invested so much of your heart, time and money in your wedding dress, and you want it to last forever.

Your local dry cleaner can help by cleaning and preserving your own gown after the Big Day, right? Not exactly! A treasure this special should be handled by experts in dress preservation, who will protect it properly so that a bride who wears it in the future (your sister, niece, daughter, friend, or future daughter in law) will look as beautiful in it as you did.  We understand and appreciate the relationship you have with your wedding gown.   We recently had a client return with her gown destroyed by a local, long time, reputable cleaner.  He wanted to give her a discounted cleaning rate for his destruction.  It took us an entire year of hours here and there to restore it to it’s original beauty.    Our forty three years of experience and highly specialized, time tested techniques ensure that your gown will always remain the dress of your dreams.

We have decades of gown cleaning, preservation and restoration experience.  Our experienced professionals have vast experience in knowing exactly the care that your precious heirloom requires.  We have the experience and intellect to know what it will take to carefully and permanently remove any and all spots or stains that may have occoured on your wedding day, no matter how long ago that day was.  When we clean your gown:  each and every gown is individually hand cleaned in our superior process, which will not harm your gown, compromise the fabrication, melt your beads or sequins. Be sure you are entrusting your gown to a professional wedding gown specialist.  

Bella Sposa Bridal & Prom is happy to offer four Preservation options:

1. Traditional Preservation: Your gown is professionally and individually cleaned with our proven, environmentally safe formulas, to ensure all visible as well as invisible stains are removed. It is then wrapped in acid-free tissue and fitted carefully into a preservation chest with an acid-free display window. Our preservation box protects your Gown from exposure to light, dust and other hazards. ($189.00)

2. Zipper Preservation: Your Gown is thoroughly cleaned, treated and wrapped in acid-free tissue. It is then sealed in a Zvyek bag which offers the additional protection of flame retardant and water resistance to your Gown preservation. ($229.00)

3. Wedding Gown Preservation Co: Bella Sposa Bridal will carefully package and ship your gown to Wedding Gown Preservation Co. There, your gown is thoroughly cleaned and preserved, then shipped directly to your home address. ($239.00)

4.  The Outsourced Method:  You purchase the cleaning process box from us and you ship it to “the Wedding Gown Preservation Company”.  They will handle the whole process and ship your gown back to you.  The cost is $199.00 – $595.00.  

We can also clean gowns, with next day service if necessary.  The normal processing time for a bridal gown is from 2 – 18 weeks.  Some extremely difficult jobs have taken 52 weeks to properly complete.  Simple cleaning and pressing starts at $15.00 and has gone up to $600.00 in extremely difficult cases.  Please understand that cleaning and preservation work can not take precedence over our current event obligations.

We look forward to our continuing relationship with you!  

Bella Sposa Bridal & Prom

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