Shopping Tips

Tips Compliments of Bella Sposa Bridal & Prom

Bridal Tips:

  • Depending on the designer,  gowns normally take four to twelve months to arrive. Allow at least one and a half to two months before your wedding date for fittings.
  • We recommend the bride should try on and select a headpiece while making her gown decision.  This will insure a complete and matching look.
  • It is a nice idea to accessorize at the time of your gown purchase when the style of your dress is fresh in your mind.  Accessories can include shoes, jewelry, and handbags.
  • It is not a bad idea to wear your hair in the style that you think you want to have on your wedding day.  Doing so will help give you an idea of the finished look.
  • We suggest that you bring shoes with a heel height that you find comfortable.  This will help you determine the proper length of your gown.
  • A bride should come with no more than two or three people whom are instrumental in helping her with her decision.  She should not bring the entire party or she will lose her focus.
  • Always be open-minded and allow a knowledgeable bridal consultant to suggest styles.  Do not just say no. Try it on.  You have nothing to lose and may unexpectedly find your perfect gown.
  • We do not recommend that a bride take a picture of herself in the sample gown.  You want to leave the element of surprise for the wedding day.


  • You want to allow four to six months delivery.  You must also consider that evening wear alterations require at the very least two fittings.
  • When the bridesmaids come for their fittings, make sure they have their proper undergarments and shoes.  This saves time and potentially unnecessary alterations.
  • If you are planning on losing weight before your wedding, do not hesitate in ordering the gown because of the length of time needed.  Perhaps give yourself a goal and discuss it  with your consultant.  Proper arrangements can be made.

Bridesmaids Tips:

  • If you are concerned with varying sizes in your bridal party, you may want to consider picking only a color and designer.  The bridesmaids can then each pick a dress that will best accommodate their figure.
  • Do not rule out separates (Two-piece outfits)  for your bridal party.  Many times you can split the sizes which will assure a better fit for your girls.  You can also allow the girls to choose different tops or skirts as they feel most comfortable.
  • If you are looking for a way to have your maid of honor(s) stand out, they can wear a different dress or a different color.  You may also want to consider the use of a shawl, gloves, a larger and or unique bouquet.
  • Bringing pictures of dresses can be very helpful in finding the best style for you and your party.  However we recommend keeping an open mind and allowing our consultants to suggest styles you may not have otherwise considered.
  • We offer a wide variety of junior bridesmaids dresses as well as flower girl dresses to compliment either the bride or the bridal party.
  • Remember: shawls, straps, and or jackets can be added to all dresses to accommodate religious or stylistic needs.

Mother of the Bride/Groom Tips

  • When mothers are looking for a gown, they should not limit themselves to traditional styles.  Mothers do commonly wear black, champagne or ivory, colors that had formerly been considered taboo.
  • Beading and embellishments can be added or subtracted from most outfits.   Many styles can be modified based on formality of affair or time of day.
  • Not all outfits have to be matronly.  We love to dress mothers in very current looks and colors.  Many styles available are both flattering and youthful.