Measurement Charts

Following are the Measurement Charts providing the measurements necessary for your particular need.  

We strongly recommend being professionally measured.

When Self measuring be sure that you do not have on bulky clothing.

1.  When measuring around your bust make sure to have the tape measure straight around your back and not sloping up or downward as this will add ‘inches’.  It is best to wear a padded bra to measure if you plan to do so under your dress as well.  Do not pull the tapemeasure too taunt or your gown could be ordered too small at the bust and flatten you out.
2.  Your waist is about 2 fingers above your hip bone, pull the tape measure as snug as you would want for your gown.
3.  For measuring purposes your hips are considered to be aproximately 8″ below your natural waist or around the fullest part of your bottom.  This is where your femur attaches to your pelvic bone or where the joint’s bend when you sit.
4.  If you are over 5’8 it is strongly reccomended that you order extra length.
5.  You will also need to provide your height and weight for best fit.

The following Measurement Charts will assist you in gathering the proper 
and specific information necessary to be measured.
Ladies Measurement Guide for Custom Designs
Measurement Charts for Custom Wear
Special Order Measurement Guide
Measurement Charts for Special Order Ready Wear
Suit / Tuxedo Order Measurement Guide
Measurement Charts for Suits & Tuxedos

The more information you can supply us, the more accurate the fit for your tuxedo rental. To get your measurements, go to any tuxedo rental store or men’s suit store; most will do complimentary measurements for you. These are the most accurate measurements you can get. If this is not possible, all you need is a tape measurer and a friend. Please DO NOT take the sizes off your clothes in the closet.