Frequently Asked Questions

We expect you to have questions and you may expect that we have the answers.

FAQ Question: When should I begin dress shopping?

Answer: It is best to start looking for gowns 9 to 12 months prior to your wedding date. The majority of our brides begin shopping 1 year ahead. That allows you enough time to narrow down your selection and order the gown of your dreams. Don’t let the time bracket worry you because even if you do not have that much time there are a few different ways that Bella Sposa Bridal and Prom can accommodate you. All of our gowns are for sale off the rack, some designers can fill a rush order for you at an additional fee, and some have limited hanging stock available for immediate delivery.

FAQ Question: Do I need an appointment to view bridal gowns?

Answer: YES Bella Sposa Bridal operates by appointment only. You may stop in and browse at your leisure, but ALL trying on and fittings are by appointment only! Please call 616-364-0777 to schedule your spoil me appointment.

Question: How long will my appointment be?

Answer: Appointments are scheduled for one hour only. We will have 50 minutes for shopping appointments and 30 minutes for fitting appointments. With that said we want to make best use of our time, and we respect how busy our brides are, so as with any other professional appointment we request that you leave phones in the car or turn off! Please call 616-364-0777 to schedule your spoil me appointment.

FAQ Question: There are so many dresses to choose from, where do I begin and what should I bring to my first bridal appointment?

Answer: You may want to pick up a copy of one or two bridal magazines from the newsstand. You can tag the pages of design elements you find attractive. Once we begin you will learn valuable lessons about how to find your personal style and get the dress you’ve always dreamed of. You should also browse on the Internet for silhouettes and styles that you like. Feel free to bring any pictures along with you to help guide your consultant. Once you come in for your bridal appointment, you can leave it up to the professionally trained bridal experts to help find the best gown for you.

FAQ Question: Am I allowed to take pictures of gowns while I try them on?

Answer: Bella Sposa Bridal can not allow you to take pictures unless you purchase the gown. Further, it conflicts with our main purpose if the session turns into a photo shoot. We have contracts with many of our designers that protect their works of art. After you purchase the gown, you can take as many pictures as you like!

FAQ Question: After my order is placed when should I expect to receive my gown?

Answer: The gowns are expected to arrive 15 – 32 weeks after you order the gown depending upon the designer of the gown and the season. The dresses are delivered directly from the designer to our store and after the gown is checked and passes quality control, we contact you so that you can schedule your shipping or first fitting appointment. In special cases such as rush orders, dresses can come in 1 to 3 weeks before the wedding when ordered exceedingly close to the wedding date and as per your signed contract. You should give yourself at least 6 and optimally 9 months prior to the wedding date to ensure adequate delivery.

FAQ Question: When should I order my headpiece and veil?

Answer: Veils are available to choose when you make your gown purchase, this is the best way to assure the perfect match. Otherwise this decision can be made at your first fitting. Allow 6 months if you would like to order a designer veil or require special lace or beading on it. Headpieces and special order veils should be ordered at least 4 months before your wedding date. We do not recommend waiting for your fitting to order headpieces. We suggest you try on the gown while trying on headpieces.

FAQ Question: Can you customize a gown for religious brides who cannot wear strapless?

Answer: There are designers who specialize in making a pattern to cater to religious brides. Bella Sposa Bridal has a highly qualified consultant to help you. We specialize in special needs and religious brides and have the knowledge and experience to guide you in the right direction and help fulfill all your special needs and requirements.

FAQ Question: Can my mother or mother-in-law find a dress at Bella Sposa Bridal too?

Answer: Bella Sposa Bridal has a very large selection of special order evening wear gowns to choose from. The prices begin at $149 with most ranging from $250 – $500. You must make a separate appointment to view our evening-wear

FAQ Question: Can I complete my entire bridal look (gown, headpiece, veil, undergarments, shoes, accessories) in one appointment?

Answer: Bella Sposa Bridal can complete your entire look in one appointment. Our experienced consultant can help you find the perfect veil, headpiece, shoes, and accessories to match your dress.

FAQ Question: Can I get a swatch of the color of my gown after I order it?

Answer: A swatch will be provided to you when your actual dress comes in or at your first fitting. It is best to get a swatch from your actual dress because dye lots vary and we want the swatch to match perfectly.

FAQ Question: Do I have to pay for my gown in full at the time of purchase?

Answer: If you are receiving any form of discount the balance is due at the time of purchase. Bella Sposa requires at least 60% deposit to process any special order gown. On regular priced merchandise the remaining balance is due in installments as agreed upon at the time of purchase. If you require shipping your gown out of state, the balance must be paid in full before we ship the dress. The purchase of a stock gown from Bella Sposa Bridal may also be put on layaway.

FAQ Question: Do you sell shoes and jewelry?

Answer: Bella Sposa Bridal has the largest selection of formal wear shoes in Kent County. Our selection of shoes feature all of the main shoe designers and unique and custom accessories such as necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. You do not need appointment to see accessories. You do need an appointment to view shoes, headpieces & veils.

FAQ Question: How long does it take to order a gown?

Answer: It can take anywhere from 6 to 9 months to produce a special order wedding gown. Yet, Bella Sposa Bridal can accommodate you with a stock gown, or a gown from our quick collection, and sometimes designers will fill rush orders at an extra fee. Some designers will have a limited amount of hanging stock that is available for immediate delivery.

FAQ Question: Is there any other color I could wear besides white and still look like a bride?

Answer: Lately many brides are incorporating color into their gowns. You can have colorful embroidery and beading or simply have a baby blue sash. You also do not have to wear a white gown. Most designers offer different shades of white, ivory, and champagne, beautiful shades of red and gold are increasingly popular. We have a selection of gowns in color, with color as well as gowns that can be customized to have color accents of your choice.

FAQ Question: What are your price ranges?

Answer: It is our goal to have something for everyone. No matter your budget, no matter your occasion, we have the dress!
Our bridal gowns range from $199 to $5999!
Our Evening or Social Occasion gowns begin at: $99 to $799.
Our Headpieces begin at: $49 to $399.
Our Shoes range from $50 to $350.

FAQ Question: What is a trunk show, is it like a fashion show?

Answer: Many brides think that a trunk show is a fashion show but it is actually just a period of time that we have the designers new gowns for you to see and try on. The designer or a representative may be in our store.
There is a little bit of history behind the name “Trunk Show.” In the old days, the designers went from town to town with trunks full of their new designs. Back then customers had to dig through the trunk to find the best merchandise. Today, at a Trunk Show the designers either send or bring their complete collection and we personalize service.

FAQ Question: Can I change my mind after I make my purchase?

Answer: All sales are final sales and must be picked up by the wedding date. We are happy to store your merchandise until your alterations are complete.

FAQ Question: What should I bring to my Bridal Fitting?

Answer: At your fittings, you need to bring your shoes and undergarments that you will be wearing on your wedding day. Bella Sposa Bridal has a great selection of shoes, undergarments and accessories for you to choose from, before your first fitting appointment. It is necessary for your fitter to do the hemline and fit the bodice of your gown with the actual undergarments and shoes you will be wearing on your wedding day.

FAQ Question: When should I schedule my First Bridal Fitting?

Answer: We will call you as soon as we receive your gown from the designer. At that time you can schedule a fitting appointment with us. Generally, fittings are done as soon as the gown arrives with a final fitting one to two months prior to your wedding. You will usually need 2 or 3 fittings, to perfect the gown, after which it will be ready for you to take home.

FAQ Question: Is there a charge for alterations?

Answer: Bridal alterations are difficult and time consuming. They require a highly qualified seamstress to perform so that the gown looks as if nothing has ever happened to it. Our seamstress does wonderful work and is very diligent to make sure that each and every customer is 100% satisfied with the fit of their garment. To provide this service does require us to charge a fee. Please see our Alterations list for a range of fees involved.

FAQ Question: Is there a charge for fittings?

Answer: We include up to three fittings with the purchase of every gown. If you require more than 3 fittings there may be a fee involved.

Question: Is there a discount for less fittings?

Answer: No, there are no discounts if your gown fits you perfectly and you require fewer fittings. Up to 3 Fittings are included in the cost of your gown and are not reflective of the alteration fees.

FAQ Question: I need my veil dyed to match my wedding gown (ivory). Can Bella Sposa Bridal do this?

Answer: Be advised that the veils can be dipped if it is a natural, fabric, such as silk tulle. We would recommend that you speak with us directly at 616-364-0777. We would need to see the actual product to make a recommendation. If that does not work out, we make custom veils in many colors.

FAQ Question: Can bridal gowns be dyed?

Answer: YES Bella Sposa Bridal has successfully dyed thousands of gowns. Pastel shades are the only shades we recommend. Dark hues can be difficult to impossible to achieve with our equipment. We can tell you what the risks are on your particular choice, however all dying is at your risk. Please call 616-364-0777 to schedule your spoil me appointment.

Bella Sposa Bridal & Prom FAQ
Bella Sposa Bridal & Prom FAQ

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