Dear Valued Client: 

RE:  Internet Pricing

It is a pleasure to be working with you to choose and your perfect gown.  This is one of the most important decisions that you will make throughout your life and we want to make sure that it is perfect for you.  You have already spent many months of researching the Internet and magazines, visited countless stores, and tried on many dresses.  Now, it is finally that time to purchase that perfect dress.  However, before you make your purchase, we realize you have one more question.  Why are Internet stores so much cheaper?

Internet stores are cheaper because they do not offer you full service.  Since you and the brick and mortar stores have already spent countless hours finding and helping you try on gowns until you found your one, the internet store will only need to ask what style and size you want.  You will then pay them 100% + shipping up front.  (Which is also normal in brick and mortar stores).  In a few months you will receive your dress in a very small box.  The dress will not be pressed nor steamed.  This can take several hours to accomplish.  Often the internet stores never open the manufacturers box to check to be sure it is perfect before reshipping to you.  Brick and mortar stores will open, inspect and steam your gown before notifying you that it has arrived.  If there is any problem they will handle the entire process and accept all of the stress involved for you.  Or the site which you choose could be a factory knock off site and you will get some facsimile of the gown you dream of, but it will not be THE gown that you chose.  This dress is now yours without recourse.  Since all the dresses are hand made, naturally, each dress is a little different.  If the size or fit you chose is not right:  you are stuck dealing with the error.  Internet stores never see you, tell you how you look, offer samples to try on, give fittings or assist you through this process.  They simply can not offer you full service.  In conclusion, internet stores must be cheaper because they are offering you much less.  They make a sale and take your money and do not have to mend and clean the merchandise, clean a store, pay rent for a retail location, insurance, utilities, offer specific hours and staff for your convenience.  They do not need to invest time or their own money on the process of ordering your gown.

We, on the other hand, are a full service salon.  This means that we have an expert bridal consultant team to spend hours in finding your dress, have purchased hundreds of samples to try on, offer experienced expert advice and have customized fittings to assure you order the best possible size.  First we offer a one stop ship where you can also find the perfect head piece, veil, jewelry, petty coat rental, shoes, bridesmaids, mother’s dresses, flower girl dresses, tuxedos, invitations, and other accessories.  Second, it is only here that you can find experienced references for the services you will seek for your wedding.  Third the price includes free storage of your gown up to the wedding week.  Fourth all the different styles to try on from a wide range of manufacturers, proper measuring, ordering, receiving, quality checking and assurance, making sure the gown is received is correct.  We offer pre-fitting, fitting, and final fittings.  Finally, after your wedding we can assist in repairing any damage and cleaning and preservation you will want on your gown.  Needless to say, the small savings in price does not  add up to the true cost of providing you with a full service salon.  This is why a full service store charges more than the internet stores.

Today is the day you will make one of the most important decisions.  Make sure it is done right.  Don’t think you are saving some money now only to end up with a nightmare and pay much more later.  However, if you still choose to buy from the internet, we will be glad to help you with your post purchase service.  Please check off the services you wish to receive on our “Internet Bride-to-be” ordering form.

Again, thank you for giving us an opportunity to be of service to you.


Dwin Dykema


Internet Bride-to-be: If you wish to purchase from the internet, we will match any legitimate internet pricing that you bring in.  In addition, please check off the additional services that you wish to receive: 

§      Match dress price with internet:
§      Cost of dress + rush + OS = shipping fees – paid in full at time of order.
§      Ordering, receiving and notification of your gown status:
§       $20.00 Wedding dress measurements / sizing
§       $10.00 per Bridesmaid measurements / sizing
§       $ 10.00 per Flower girl measurements / sizing
§       Professional consultant to pull gowns and offer personal assistance:
§       $30.00 per hour * 3 hours (average amount of time pulling gowns and putting them away).
§       Try on stock to determine best style for you:
§       $30.00 per hour * 10 hours (average amount of hours a bride shops)
§       Professional sizing assistance by experienced seamstresses:
(Different manufacturers have different sizing and ease of alterations)
§      $30.00 per hour
§      In house, professional alterations (bustling, customization)
§      $50.00 per hour
Ø      Steaming / Ironing:
§      $30.00 per hour
Ø      Temporary storage:  (So no one sees your gown and ease of fittings before the wedding)
§      $7.00 per week
§      Dispute dress problems w/manufacturer
§      $40.00 per hour
§      Estimated Time                                           _________________

§     Estimated Total                                           _________________ 

I understand that this is an estimate and actual time may vary according to the many variable factors which can and will change the desired fit of a special occasion gown. 

Signed & Agreed:______________________________________________________