After the Wedding: Sell your Gown

Reccomended places to Sell your Gown.
After the wedding, pageant, or prom:  Sell your gown!

Bella Sposa Bridal and Prom recieved phone calls daily for advice on where to sell your gown or what can be done with their dresses after the big day.  In an effort to help our clients in every way possible, we have put together this short list of trusted resources for you to re sell your gown.

Due to the facts that the majority of resources were focused on wedding we decided to do something about that.  That and we didn’t really care for the ebay business model where you would be competing with Chinese Factories and having to pay to list your ad when you try to sell your gown.  If you don’t make any money:  why should ebay?  So in our quest we built  where you can list your dress for free!  You only pay when you sell!  If you don’t sell:  no one profits.

When considering the ways to sell your dress there are various avenuse that can be taken.  There are some consignment shops that you can take your precious item to for resale:  there is no guarantee that your beautiful dress will sell.  In fact the reality is that your gown may become dirty, tattered and torn.  You may have to pick up your dress after a specified amount of time in a worse condition than when you left it.  You may even have to pay space rent for having had them try to sell your dress.