About Us

Let us share a little background information about us:  Our business was founded in 1972 when we were asked to take our designing skills to the professional level. Response was immediate.  We started from a bedroom at home and have grown and changed through the years.  We now have a 10,000′ store.  We have an amazing room nick named Dress Heaven, as our customer often exclaim this upon entry.  That area is focused on Prom, Mom’s and also features $499 or less bridal and maid’s gowns starting at $19.00.  The dream finder section is now stocked with 5000 gowns for immediate purchase, all other items available for immediate purchase or special order.

Ralph purchased the business in 2008 after 21 years raising four boys as a single parent.  Retired from GM as an engineer, he also enjoys playing the stock market when he’s not stalking new products for the salon.  As he expanded his horizons and learned about us:  He has developed a keen eye for ladies fashion.   

Dwin, our Store Manager is available to help you make your dreams come true. With over 30 years of hands on Bridal service and Design you will find her exceedingly knowledgeable in her areas of expertise.  Lovingly nicknamed The Fairy Godmother for her special talent of making magical dreams happen.

Desiree,  Our Product Manager is available to help you finding your perfect products. With 16 years working with brides, she also specializes in hair styling.  She is an expert when it comes to hair and has a traveling salon.  Desiree also loves children and offers child care services at your location or  in your home.

Irene is our most talented seamstress and her expertise in sewing and fitting will assure that we bring to life the perfect fit for your special day.

Maria is our wonderful, gracious consultant who is fluent in both English and Spanish, so if you need that to help your process go smoothly be sure to request an appointment with Maria as she is here by appointment only.  Irene, our skilled and talented designer and seamstress is currently on leave as she undergoes chemo therapy for breast cancer. Please pray for Irene’s expedient recovery.

More about us:  Bella Sposa Bridal & Prom is far more than just another bridal salon.  We are a specialty service that offers products.  Our staff is highly educated in this industry.  We provide you with an outstanding experience that you will remember happily for years to come.  It’s the place where dreams come true often.

As with all specialty type services:  appointments are necessary and are required when you visit Grand Rapids premiere Bridal salon.  In learning about us you will learn that we have grown and changed through the years. We now have a 10,000′ store.

As you enter the salon you will see Our Tuxedo and invitation area to the right of the entrance, and the service counter with a beautiful display of tiara’s.  Beyond that there is a long row of Jewelry display cases devoted to their special collections of unique jewelry, some of which is custom.  We also have a flower girl section and a very large shoe department in this first room.

As you walk through the first doorway you enter the bridal room which encompassed our large collection of 133’ of orderable bridal gowns framing the entire room, which are arranged by silhouette and color.  The long aisle of gowns for the party is comprised of is 15’ of short and 20’ of long bridesmaid’s gowns.  On the other side of that aisle is 35’ dedicated to our mother of the wedding in long.  Additionally there is another 20’ of short suit/dresses suitable to the mother and grandmother of the wedding.  With hundreds of veils on display and back stock to help the bride with that perfect finishing touch.

About us:  Our Goals 
  • To maintain the highest quality standards for our products.
  • To provide the best customer service possible.
  • To  promote an inclusive workplace and help the community.
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