Custom Design

Do you have a specific style or design in mind?

Bella Sposa Bridal is home to our own team of design experts. With over 60 years of collective hands-on custom design service it is certain that your personal dream will come true.

The custom design process starts with the meeting of our minds. You will be asked many questions to determine an exact idea of what it is that your dream gown will be like.

We will talk about body lines and fabrics and discuss what we will need to do to bring your idea to life. We suggest that you gather pictures that contain components that you would like added to your gown.

After our meeting we will spend many hours creating a front and back sketch of the gown you have in mind. The fee for this service is $150.00. This is the design fee.

The cost of the gown is determined by a combination of the fabrics chosen and the degree of difficulty in the design. We will discuss various fabrications and the costs involved.

Creation of Custom Designs start at $300.00 for basic Bridesmaids and Prom gowns with minimal hand sewn detail. Bridal Gowns start at $500.00 for the most basic of designs and fabrication.

Bella Sposa’s talented team can help you many design elements of your special occasion whether it be. hair, veils,  jewelry or gowns we enjoy helping you bring your visions to life.

Here are a few of our sketches, we do have many more.  When we design a gown it’s with a particular individual and their dreams and visions in mind.

KatyBethFront2f KatyBethFront1f KatyBethBackColorizied KatyBethBack2f KatyBethBack1f